PlanetPC XR2 Mini Desktop


The XR2 Mini Desktop is the performance system offering in Planet's XR series of Ubuntu Linux mini desktops

The new-look XR features a unique integrated colour touchscreen, giving access to soft keys for frequent tasks, a system monitor and controls for WiFi, Bluetooth, VPN, Network disk, audio and other system functions.

The XR2 features an 8-core superfast ARM processor coupled with a Mali-G610 GPU and a 6 TOPS Neural Processing Unit for extraordinary lag-free performance. The XR series has up to 32 Gigabytes of memory as well as up to 128 Gigabytes of Flash storage.  Built-in storage options range from 256GB up to 2TB of solid state storage .

Powered by ARM multicore processor technology, the zero-configuration XR Series, for the first time ever, allows anyone – from professionals, developers to gamers and content creators – to become a Linux user straight out of the box. 

XR mini Desktop PC

The XR Series includes many features which improve the Linux and PC user experience.

  • Zero Configuration
  • Touch Screen Interface
  • Out of the Box Linux
  • Expandable Storage
  • Dual Gig Ethernet + WiFi 6
  • Built-In Internet Relay Support
    8K Video Encoding and Decoding
  • Dual Video (4K and 8K Output)