Stardisk20 20TB SATA 3.5" Solid Sate Disk


Stardisk20 offers 20TB solid state disk capacity, 600MB/s read-write speed, all in a single 3.5” enclosure with a SATA III interface.

Key Features of Stardisk20:

  • High Capacity: Offering an extraordinary 20TB of storage, the Stardisk20 is perfect for those who need substantial space for their extensive digital collections.

  • Exceptional Speed: With a read and write speed of 600MB/s, this SATA III SSD ensures quick and efficient data transfer, saving valuable time for users.

  • 3.5” Enclosure / SATA III interface: The use of the SATA III interface guarantees compatibility with a wide range of PC devices and systems, ensuring seamless integration into users’ existing computers.

  • Versatile Usage: The Stardisk20 is not just a standalone storage drive. It can be used in 3.5” SATA RAID arrays, providing high-capacity upgrades for existing RAID disk enclosures. Stardisk20 provides flexibility for users looking to vastly enhance their data storage capacity and performance.