About Us

At Planet Computers, we are passionate about typing, writing, being productive and creating on the go.

Since the introduction of touchscreen mobile phones and tablets, we felt that it is very difficult to type on these types of devices. On-screen keyboards often take up more than half the readable screen. We want to get back to typing on a fully tactile keyboard whilst being able to view the entire screen. All this on a device no larger than most modern mobile phones.

We decided to re-invent the palm-sized keyboard mobile device that will benefit many, who we think are missing using the keyboard on the move. From bloggers and creatives that need to constantly write, to professionals who need to read and write e-mail, create and edit documents and spreadsheets.

Gemini is a modern clam-shell based mobile device with a fully integrated palm-sized keyboard.

To ensure Gemini has the lineage and continuity of the clamshell PDA designs, and to have the best mobile keyboard design on the market, we partnered up with Martin Riddiford and his London-based product design consultancy, Therefore, who were instrumental in the design of the Psion PDAs of the 1990s. In terms of software we partnered up with Private Planet, a leading supplier of applications and personal cloud solutions for mobile operators such as T-Mobile and Etisalat. The Planet Computers team each has over 20 years experience of software and hardware delivery.

The result of our work with Therefore is a beautiful piece of design, befitting the device we want to create. The hardware is based on a leading reference design based on a 10-core state-of-the-art mobile processor.

Gemini features a sleek metal clamshell design that is perfectly balanced for typing when open and beautifully tucks away the palm-sized QWERTY keyboard and screen when closed. It fits into a pocket, roughly the same size as most of today’s mobile phones. When open, the innovative clamshell also acts as a support of the device. The ultra-wide 5.7″ hi-res screen provides ample space for creating on the go. The fully tactile keyboard is recognised as the world’s best yet smallest full-sized keyboard for finger touch typing.